Kronos is a metaverse strategy game in which by owning at least one planet you have the possibility to develop your own society and compete against players from all over the world. Each type of planet produces a specific element essential for economic development, trade, construction of buildings and spaceships.

Every single factor will affect your position in the world leaderboard. The best players will be awarded with numerous prizes.
Q1 2022

Create Twitter account and grow followers

Build project website v1.0

Start assets production

Release of sneak-peeks

Update project website v1.1

Onboarding first whitelist batch

Q2 2022

Create Discord server

Update project website v2.0

Release Litepaper v1.0

Finish assets production

Minting of the first part of the KRONOS collection

Check delivery status and refunds

Release rarity chart

Release map v1.0

All the objectives of the first phase have been completed. Release of the Roadmap for phase 2

Officially verified on

We are building on Cardano.

Use a wallet like Nami, Eternl, Yoroi. Do not send ADA from an exchange.

No limit. Max 20 per transaction.

Yes, we will detain some NFTs from the collection to perform giveaways and other activities after minting. We will communicate the exact number along with information regarding minting.

Yes we have a whitelist.

26 May 2022

WL: 45 ADA

Public mint: 55 ADA

Whitelist have early minting access. A discount on the price of the NFT and additional perks that will be communicated through our Discord

You can be part of our WL through giveaways and contests. Follow us on our socials to participate.

the collection will consist of 9500 galaxies. 3200 are available for minting during the first phase. Each galaxy is composed of 9 planets, this means that 28,800 planets are available for minting in the first phase.

Yes, we will have rarities. More specifically, we will have rarities by planet category and for each individual planet.

Yes, we have 4% royalty.

Follow us on Twitter and Discord.

If you send a wrong amount you will be refunded.

Yes, we will have the $KRON token.